Cattle & farm

viehwieseThe farm ‘Oberhof’ keeps 12 milk cows, 7 young cattle, 2-3 calves, 4-5 pigs and hens.
We feed our 12 milk cows only our own well-ventilated hay. As opposed to silage fodder, hay of such high quality affects both milk quality and longevity of our cows positively. Moreover, the newly constructed free-stall barn allows for the keeping of our animals in a species-appropriate environment that ensures good health conditions.

Thanks to the innovative installation of our barn, the milk is directly pumped into our production room next door. We stock the cheese in our cheese cellar for the maturation process, whereas all fresh products are stocked in the refrigerating hold. We use the whey as fodder for our pigs to fatten them gradually up to a whole year. Only their slow fattening will guarantee for tender meat and high quality bacon (“Speck”) that we sell throughout the year based on availability. This way we create a nature-oriented cycle from the fodder to the end-product.

Our farm brings up its own cattle. The young cattle stay outdoor for 4-5 months every year: they spend about 3 months in Alpine pasture and another 2-3 months on pasture land in the valley. On average they calve for their first time at the age of 2.5 years. Then the young cattle start their carrier as a milk cow.

Our cows enjoy access to outdoor space for 10 months a year where they can refresh under a cold shower on hot summer days. The barn also has a fully automated scratch brush. From September to November our milk cows stay on pasture land all day long. The cheese that we produce in that period is particularly tasty and smooth.


hofstelleThe farm was first documented in 1472. The certificate for the first time defined the rights and obligations of the owner: the “Hofer” (the brothers Mathias and Christof) were given permission to pass the farm on autonomously provided that yearly at Christmas they would deliver rye and money to the monastery of Au/Gries (near Bozen-Bolzano).

In 1878 Maria Magdalena Hellweger, the heiress of the farm, married Johann Franz Arnold; ever since the farm has been associated with the name “Arnold”. In 1993 the current owner Paul Arnold has taken over the farm. In 2006 the new barn with integrated cheese dairy has been realized. On August 15, 2009 the cheese shop Hofkäserei Oberhof has open its doors.

The farm chronology

how it all started

The "Hofer"

The farm was first documented


The "Arnold" family

The farm has been associated with the name “Arnold”


New owner

The current owner Paul Arnold has taken over the farm

New barn

The new barn with integrated cheese dairy has been realized

The cheese shop

The cheese shop Hofkäserei Oberhof opened on August 15, 2009.